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Welcome to Blessed Health Care, LLC

The urgent need for competent and experienced medical professionals is now most fundamentally acknowledged not only in our state but throughout the world. The vibrant healthcare environment in Maryland attests to this. Thus, we at Blessed Health Care, LLC extend our contribution to the health care system through our staffing services. We work to provide an enduring link between our network of health professionals and health facilities to fuel the quality of health care services in the community.

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WHAT WE PROVIDE Services We Offer

We offer supplemental staffing services to address staffing shortages in facilities. We have a wide network of health professionals that can fit in the positions you are looking for. Suitable, ready, and competent – we have just the right person for your facility.

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Skilled Nursing Staff

Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are eligible to serve you. They respond to urgent situations and ultimately care for patients.

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Home Health Aide

Home health aides are trained and responsive to patients’ needs. They provide comfort, guidance, and assistance to a diversity of patients.

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Medical Social Services Staff

Medical social workers offer enlightened advice to patients’ concerns. They help families cope with the illness of their loved ones.

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Assisted Living

Skilled and dependable people are ready to serve in assisted living homes. We have all the dedicated professionals for your facility.

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Direct Support Professional

Allow our direct support professionals to help your loved ones do things independently. We go beyond conventional support to help realize the full potential of clients.

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WE ARE COMMITTED Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the shortage of health care professionals in the State of Maryland and help facilities deliver continued and effective health services to the community. Through the competence, training, and experience of our health professionals, we strive to put into light the significance of supplemental staffing in the healthcare community.


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